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Photography by Sarah Gawler






Photography by Sarah Gawler

An advertising agency escapee, I give clients access to big brand & big agency experience, minus the high cost and lengthy lead times.

I work with organisations that need a quick shot of brand & marketing resource, and ambitious businesses looking to embed new strategy to drive growth or overcome obstacles to their brand’s success.

Fuelled by intelligent research, cultural trends, customer insight, brand storytelling and behaviour change techniques, I create agile, strategic plans that cut through the clutter, create structure and meet business objectives.

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Brand coaching

I work with agencies to expand their strategic offer by improving brand knowledge and providing the expertise. Working as part of the agency team, or in the background my work has secured new business and built client brands.

Strategic consulting

If you have ambitious targets for growth, strategic consulting will help you create a powerful, innovative new plan to reach your goals - and go beyond. Get in touch today to learn more.

Brand strategy
Marketing & creative expertise

Clients benefit from my experience in positioning their brands, storytelling, developing visual identities, creating tone of voice and measuring impact. The first step, however, is identifying the problem to solve. Get in touch today to find out how I can help.

Chosen for their brilliance & suitability in meeting the brief, I work with a team of marketeers, copywriters, art directors, digital designers and more. Together we implement the strategies that will build your brand, reach your audience and access new markets.


Sam Hollis, Strategy Director Interbrand

Amy is fantastic - she has a sharp and strategic mind, bags of flair and creativity, and is an incredibly efficient operator. She stood out almost instantly as one of the strongest and most formidable senior consultants, able to bring her experience and skills to bear on any client or project and add considerable value.

Over 15 years I have worked with a wide range of brands,
from airlines to sustainability firms,
government bodies to trade unions,
sole-traders to international corporates.




The Carbon Trust        DEFRA (ActonCO2)        Helen Beard Ceramics        Jen Rowland        Islamic Art Foundation


The National Trust        Nestle         Johnson & Johnson        Star Alliance        LearnDirect        Goldsmiths Centre

Cockpit Arts        Craft Central        Plan International        Amnesty International        UNISON        Simon Wright